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Multipurpose Discord bot

Zenitsu is an Multipurpose Discord bot with over 505+ command, Zenitsu Can replace many bot's by itself it's easy to use and have most any feature you name it such categories areUtility Commands , Music Commands , Music Filters Commands , Question Commands , Emotions Commands , Sfw Commands , Moderation Commands , Image manipulation Commands , Game Commands , Economy Commands, Backup Commands , Nsfw Commands , Soundboard Commands , Setup Commands Hurry up and invite Zenitsu right now

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- By default, Zenitsu does not store anyone data.If a server member change the bot prefix the server automatically store his/her id on the bot database along with the prefix . .Zenitsu does not store anyother data

- so where the prefix date is stored? it is stored in our vps server -If someone wanna get it remove? then contact me contact me Asjad#0060), the developer of Zenitsu, if you want the data to be removed or for any other reason, you can mention Zenitsu#1298 our Discord support server. -for any more concern dm me Asjad#0060 or join our support server

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